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Jerry Niedens

Mira Mesa Lions Club and the
Jerry Niedens Mira Mesa Classic Car Show

In 2016, the question was asked: “Why doesn’t a community as large as Mira Mesa have a Lions Club?”

At one time, it did. But no one was quite sure of the reason it no longer existed. So a few Mira Mesa residents, with the assistance of a consultant from Lions Clubs International, set out to form the Mira Mesa Lions Club.

One of the first members recruited was Jerry Niedens, a Mira Mesa resident who participated in Car Shows around the San Diego area. One of the questions he asked was “Would the new Mira Mesa Lions Club be interested in hosting a Car Show?” The answer was “Yes,” and through Jerry’s direction and expertise, the first Mira Mesa Classic Car Show took place in June, 2017. It is now the signature event for the Mira Mesa Lions Club, and one of the signature annual events for the community of Mira Mesa.

When the Lions began preparing for the 2018 show, they received devastating news. The show founder, Jerry Niedens, was battling cancer and could not oversee the event as he had done in 2017. So his fellow Lions rallied, moved the date of the show to September to allow extra time for planning, and voted unanimously to rename the show as “The Jerry Niedens Mira Mesa Classic Car Show.”

Jerry is very dear to his fellow Lions, and we could think of no way to better thank him for his efforts in making the Classic Car Show a part of the Mira Mesa Lions and the community of Mira Mesa.